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    Andy Cowan - Reviews

    Train I'm On

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    A terrific little prize, swampy vocals on a foundation of virtuosic piano playing. (Gary Tippet - The Age)

    An album of real passion and commitment from an accomplished musician. (Mark Ferrie - Rhythm's Magazine)

    The crew at the eXpress are all raving about "Train I'm On" - a gem of piano-based rhythm and blues. (Noel Mengel - Brisbane Courier-Mail)

    This is a 5 star album, if it's not the album of the year either local or overseas, whatever beats it will be bloody good. (Rainbow Radio - Gippsland)

    One of the finds of the Thredbo Fest with his rich bluesy voice and justified title of "King of the Keys" (Julie Feldberg - Sydney Blues Society)

    If you want to know how great independent music can be, then listen to this CD. A steaming mix of R & B and piano blues, tasteful Hammond, horns, harmonica and strings all working together to place Cowan's songs and character filled voice (big, world-weary, full of emotion) right up front where they belong. (James Black - Niche Records)

  • Train I'm On
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