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    Nite Train

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       1.  Rockabilly Beatin Boogie Band   (G. Young - L. Allen)
       2.  Closing of the Door   (L. Allen)
       3.  Born for the Night Life   (B. O'Brien)
       4.  Jackson's Track   (L. Allen)
       5.  Pain of Love   (P. Hayes)
       6.  Nite Train   (B. O'Brien)
       7.  The Night & The Lady   (B. O'Brien)
       8.  Everything to Me   (P. Hayes)
       9.  Wild Turkey   (L. Allen)
     10.  Trilogy:
       (a) Prologue: Melody of the Drum   (L. Allen)
       (b) Open Heart Surgery   (H. Frith)
       (c) Epilogue: Spirit of True Rock 'n' Roll   (L. Allen)


    Vocals, Piano & Guitar:
    Vocals, Bass, Banjo & Fiddle:
    Vocals & Guitar:
    Vocals & Drums:
    Laurie Allen
    Peter Hayes
    Bernie O'Brien
    Harold Frith

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