July 14, 2024 1:04 pm

Popular Resistance Against Passports in Moscow — Mayor Capitulates After Just 3 Weeks

by Marko Marjanović via Anti-Empire

It took all of 3 weeks. Almost as soon as Moscow decreed a COVID vaccine & test passport it had to be abandoned. Not because of a flashy mass protest but thanks to typical Russian mass subversion at the grassroots. Numerous Muscovites quickly got themselves fake QR passports of varying quality and catering establishments elected not to look at them too closely. The result being that with each passing day the authorities looked more impotent and weak, their unenforceable imposition semi-openly defied by the living, breathing city.

Now choosing between the long humiliation of their decree becoming entirely dead letter (as has already happened to their idiotic gloves mandate), or the quick humiliation of a speedy reversal they opted for the latter. Some nonsense was written about how the QR codes miraculously helped turn things around in just 3 weeks and the decree was dropped. Tomorrow COVID passports are out, as well as a curfew for bars and clubs.

One battle won, another remains. The mandatory vaccination pressure for service sector workers is still on. Anecdotally one hears that any Moscow doctor will spill the vaccine and enter the patient into the federal registry of the vaccinated for $300. If that is too high, there are provincial doctors who will do it for half the price. Resistance the Russian way. No one rules this people.

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